• Jul.2017 | WE WILL BE AT  AIS - ISA EMEA

    Automation Instrumentation Summit Castello di Belgioioso (PV), 5 and 6 July 2017

  • Apr.2014 | Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit

    SimecoSystems Exhibitor Sponsor for Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit more info here

  • Feb.2015 | Fagas

    Delivery of: pressure transmitter, DP trasnmitter, flow oriffice, temerature elements


  • May.2017 | 3V TECH PLANT

    completed engineering activities for 3V TECH PLANT - TAGAT

Integra Applications

  • Integra is a package of technical solutions, services and support to industrial producers of various kinds. The purpose of the product Integra is to optimize plants and increase the efficiency of production lines of our clients.

Commissioning, Start-up Services

Upon Client request, SIMECO.Systems can form an expert group, a so called „I-team“, providing on-site services at the Client’s premises. The team may have three to fifteen members and participate  during commissioning, loop checking, troubleshooting and similar tasks. It is of invaluable advantage when engineers who participated in the engineering phase of a project, also do system testing and start-up. This way the entire project is accelerated by instant knowledge transfer to other workers.


At Simeco.Systems, we understand that the oil and gas industry has unique challenges. From fluctuating oil and gas prices to the demands on remote workers, the resource industry needs the best people at the right time to meet and manage these challenges. We are are always looking for experienced and reliable professionals to join our team. Please contact us for more information on current openings and employment benefits.

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