• Jul.2017 | WE WILL BE AT  AIS - ISA EMEA

    Automation Instrumentation Summit Castello di Belgioioso (PV), 5 and 6 July 2017

  • Apr.2014 | Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit

    SimecoSystems Exhibitor Sponsor for Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit more info here

  • Feb.2015 | Fagas

    Delivery of: pressure transmitter, DP trasnmitter, flow oriffice, temerature elements


  • May.2017 | 3V TECH PLANT

    completed engineering activities for 3V TECH PLANT - TAGAT

Integra Applications

  • Integra is a package of technical solutions, services and support to industrial producers of various kinds. The purpose of the product Integra is to optimize plants and increase the efficiency of production lines of our clients.

Information Technology

Besides investing in the staff, SIMECO. Systems keeps up-to-date all elements of the internal IT system comprising: the computer network, computers, printers, plotters, software packages and the organization of users support. The established system of VoIP technology connects our offices internally, as well as with the mother-company in Milan. Good infrastructure of the company proved to be essential for the achieved success. The computer network and the organization of data and archive offer optimal resource sharing and efficient work. The entire system is maintained by our system administrator, and all data are stored according to our quality management system making it easy to have an overview of projects and pertaining documents. Backup of the UPS supplied main server is performed on a daily basis. In general, we take great care of security and integrity of all data that are used in our work. The wide range of software used by the company is carefully chosen after thorough examination of the available applications. If any project requires specialized software, our mother-company in Milan can support us, giving new dimension to our design capabilities which exceed those of any similar company in the region.

At SIMECO.Systems, we routinely use the following software packages:

  • MicroStation,
  • AutoCAD,
  • Smart Plant Instrumentation (formerly known as INtools),
  • SAP 2000,
  • GECAS,
  • Yokogawa configuration licence (CS 3000/Centum VP),
  • CATIA,
  • FAST TOOLS (Yokogawa SCADA),
  • LAB view,
  • 3ds max,
  • MS Office and others.

At SIMECO.Systems, we are not only users of software. For our internal needs, we develop tools and applications , that help us do work faster and limit the possibility of making errors. An example is newly developed and tested program for Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) preparation. The program MOCCO gathers relevant data from process and instrumentation diagrams, general plant data are inserted, and reports with material and instrument quantities, IO count, system specifications, needed engineering man hours etc. are automatically produced. With these data, a qualified offer for the plant is prepared. In addition, the database which is built can be used with great advantage in the following stages of detailed engineering.

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